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János OLÁH

János was born in 1977 and started birding in 1990 near his hometown (Szarvas) in Southern Hungary. He is a graduate of the University of Debrecen, Department of Ecology, and continues his PhD studies in Ecology. He has published several scientific papers. He was a co-author of the handbook titled ’The Birds of the Hortobágy’ and is now working on an even larger scale handbook, ’The Birds of the Carpathian’ and this RBCB website is part of the book project. After graduating from Debrecen University he started his work at the Hortobágy Environmental Association (www.hortobagyte.hu) on various nature conservation projects. His interest in rare birds began when he started birdwatching and he was a member of the Hungarian Rarity Committee from 1998 to 2008 and co-authored the recently published and most up-to-date Hungarian bird checklist titled An Annotated list of the Birds of Hungary. He is the founder of RBCB and the owner of Sakertour (www.sakertour.com) the main sponsor of the website.


Zoltán was born in 1969 and took up birdwatching in 1983 in the Hortobágy, which has been his local patch ever since. He spent almost a year in the International Birdwatching Center in Eilat in 1992 and has travelled widely around the World ever since. One of the founders of the “Hungarian Field Birdwatchers’ Society whose “rare bird enthusiast” members meet annually in different parts of the country (in the Hortobágy between 2001 and 2010). The Society members established first the Hungarian birdline as well. Zoltán is also the founder and the key member of the Hortobágy Environmental Assocciation (www.hortobagyte.hu). He also works for the Sakertour (www.sakertour.com) ecotourist company as a guide. During guiding and foreign birdwatching expeditions he has learnt that birds do not recognise international borders and instead we should all think in biographical regions. He was also a member of the Hungarian Rarity Committee and was the editor and co-author of the handbook ‘The Birds of the Hortobágy’. He is now working on an even larger handbook, ‘The Birds of the Carpathian’ and this RBCB website is part of the book project.

Zoltán BACZÓ

Zoltán was born and raised in Transylvania, where his home town is still Odorheiu Secuiesc.He has been interested in birds since an early age and graduated from the University of Modern Business Studies in Odorheiu Secuiesc. During his studies there, Zoli spent time working for a local environmental NGO on Wildlife and Nature Conservation projects within Romania’s Harghita Mountains and at various wetland sites in Transylvania. His thesis was written on the development and rehabilitation of Romania’s Sanpaul fishponds, which is an internationally recognised Important Bird Area and Natura 2000 site. Zoltán was member of the Romanian AERC and co-author of „The List of Birds of Romania” in 2006 in which AERC taxonomic recommendations were implemented first time in the country. He is currently work as a birdwatching guide for Sakertour (www.sakertour.com) in Romania and at the same time is studying in Denmark.

Szilárd CSER

Szilard was born in 1982 and started birding in 1992 around Zala county and some years later around Lake Balaton. Since 1997 he has been following up the migratory birds of the biggest lake in Hungary (also in the Carpathian Basin and Europe), especially the scarce and rare birds of the area. He is a graduate of the University of West Hungary in Sopron, where he became interested in other habitats of the Carpathian Basin and the Western Palearctic. He has travelled widely in the WP and is specialised in the birds of this region. He is now working for a nature conservation society where he is dealing with environmental education and quest for natural value of Zala county.



Szilárd J. DARÓCZI

Szilárd is a graduate of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Forestry and Game Management. His interest in nature and birds goes back to his childhood. Besides birds he is also interested in reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. Since 2001 he has been an employee of "Milvus Group" Bird and Nature Protection Association (www.milvus.ro), the founder of RBCB. His main field of interest is the research and conservation of birds of prey, but also collecting field data regarding the distribution and dynamics of wetland birds. His main research area is Transylvania and Dobrudja. He has been involved in and also coordinates several surveys, monitoring and conservation programs (Red-footed Falcon, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Saker Falcon and White Stork). He was one of the organizers of the raptor migration study camp in Northern Dobrudja. He is the co-author of two books and published several papers and notes regarding birds. He possesses a ringing licence and is an external member of the Romanian Ringing Centre. Szilárd has travelled in Turkey and in several European countries for birdwatching. One of his favourite locations is the Danube Delta lagoon system and Dobrudja but his most frequently visited region is his home area: Transylvania!



Gábor was born in 1980, in Debrecen. Thanks to his father – who is also a birder - he became soon familiar with birdwatching. During his childhood he did his field tips mainly in the Hortobágy and around Kuszentmárton, in the southern part of the Hungarian Great Plain. During the years of his study at the Debrecen University he deepened his knowledge on birds. He graduated as an ecologist, and he dealt with ground nesting birds of the Hortobágy. Nowadays, beside his favorite place, the Hortobágy, he does his field work mainly in the Bihar Plains. Whenever he has the opportunity, he is ready to participate on a birdwatching trip to abroad. He travelled to many of the WP-s countries, but also to other continents, North- and Central-America, Africa, but mainly South-East Asia. Beside birdwatching he spends a lot of time with bird photography as well.
After university he co-worked in many different nature conservation related projects. For example he was the project manager of an international project, implemented in the Biharugra-fishponds. Now he lives in Földes and works as a ranger for the Hortobágy National Park (Biahr Plains Landscape Protection Area). He also regularly guides birdwather groups for the Sakertour (www.sakertour.com). He is the member of the MME/BirdLife Hungary Rarities Committee, where he will be the secretary from 2011.

József SZABÓ

József was born in 1973 and started birdwatching around the Transylvanian city of Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc) in 1980. As a founding member of the Romanian Ornithological Society, he started his studies in Sibiu and graduated as a biologist/ecologist. His most frequently visited birdwatching sites are the Olt river’s middle and lower course and Sanpaul (near Odorhei) Fishponds. He worked at the Romanian Ornithological Society, for the WWF and later for the Nartional Environmental Protection Agency but now he is freelance. His interest in rare birds began as soon as he started birdwatching and he has found and documented many rarities over the years. He contributed greatly to the RBCB by finding the logo bird of the website, the first and yet only Long-billed Murrelet of the Carpathian Basin!



Tamás is a graduate of the University of Debrecen, Department of Ecology. He began birding when he was a child. He worked for the Körös-Maros National Park and later moved to the western parts (Middle Tisza-valley, Jászság) of Hortobágy National Park, but now he works in the Hortobágy area. His main research area was the Tisza Lake, where he has led and participated in several projects related to birds and their protection. After the cyanide pollution hit the Tisza in 2000 he conducted several monitoring surveys to asses the damage. He has contributed to several LIFE projects (Imperial Eagle, Red-footed Falcon and Saker). He was the secretary of the Hungarian Rarity Committee and has been one of the editors and authors of the recently published and most up-to-date Hungarian bird checklist titled ’An Annotated list of the Birds of Hungary’. Tamás has also travelled widely in the Western Palearctic and the rest of the world, especially Asia.


Dániel BALLA

Dániel was born in 1989 and started birding in primary school in and around Debrecen, especially in the Nagyerdő, the Hortobágy and at the fishponds of Biharugra. His interest in rare birds began while he studied in high school but since the years of the university he is paying more attention on them. He finished his BSc course as an ecologist and graduated as zoologist at the end of his MSc studies.
Nowadays he is birding regularly in the Hortobágy region, where he is working in a nature conservation project dealing with wetlands. He is ready for birding abroad at any time, he has visited countries in the Western Palearctic and Asia in the past years. Currently he is a member of the Hungarian Rarities Committee.