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Anybody can upload any recent or archive records of rare birds of the Carpathian Basin to the RBCB website after a short registration. We use the publication date (1991) of the ’New approach of bird identification’ article as the dividing line between recent and archive records. More >>>
The boundaries of the Carpathian Basin are depicted with a red line on any uploading maps or can be viewed at the map information. The list of the rare birds can be seen at the rare species or can be selected on the uploading page from a given list. If it is a new species observed for the Carpathian Basin please select the ‘other’ species from the given list. Please try to give as precise and as detailed information about an observation as possible. If a rare bird stayed for more than one day please try to upload the last observation as well so the administrators can merge them into one full record!
If the record has been published please give the information of the publication. This can be web-based publication as well when the exact url link should be given in the appropriate box on the uploading page. Photos can be uploaded with the sighting or separately. The location and town can be entered in any language and then the county must be selected from a given list. The exact location of the record can be placed on the Google map.
The webmasters reserve the rights to change, delete, merge or separate observations.  The aim of this website is to collect records of rare birds and not only individual observations.

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